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3 Unique Gift Ideas for Millennial Newlyweds

When there's no registry or creativity calls, use these unique gift ideas to impress even the pickiest bride and groom. 

1. Wedding Charm Spices

While most people think Millennials primarily eat out, I would argue they cook at home just as much. My husband and I received a Spicy Wedding Gift Box from one of his bandmates in Chicago, and we absolutely love it! The box from Spice House Chicago contained "Back of the Yards Butchers Rub", Vanilla Bean Sugar, Portuguese Sea Salt and Herbs of Provence, along with a small container holding "wedding charm" spices - nutmeg, rosemary, and star anise. “A German tradition says you will have a sound marriage provided you have a sound nutmeg in the kitchen. Rosemary, according to Shakespeare, is for remembrance. In China, a beautiful hand-selected star anise, the points of the star joining in the center, represents all the attributes of both individuals joining in the bonds of marriage.” A spicy marriage is a happy marriage!

2. Photo Album from the Wedding

Post a lot of snaps from the wedding? Turn those photos and maybe a few others you can find using the wedding hashtag 😉 . Traditional scrapbooking is fun, but time consuming. Shutterflyallows you to easily upload photos and plop them into template-based photo albums. We used it to create our wedding guest book. 

3. Honeymoon Experiences

Studies are constantly showing how millennials care about experiences over material goods. While in the past, newlyweds were given gifts to start their newly purchased homes, most millennials are more interested in paying off their student loans. Honeyfund is great for couples who would prefer cash over gifts. We used it as one of our wedding registry options and it was awesome! We picked a theme (tropical vacation) and our guests chose different activities for us to do there - romantic dinner, couples massage, balloon ride. Honeyfund takes a small %, but it's still worth it. 

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