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5 Must-Have Beauty Products for the Holidays

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, but let's be honest, the season's environmental stressors can take a toll. Dry skin, chapped lips and acne are all side effects of Christmas time but don't worry! I have a list of my go-to products to keep me looking festive and flawless. Scroll down to the bottom to find out how to enter my first-ever Overpacked Giveaway and coupons featuring some of the fabulous products listed!

1. "Blu-Red" Liquid Lipstick & Gloss from LipSense

I have a love-hate relationship with lipstick. I love how they transform my face into sultry awesomeness, but I hate how easily they smudge, crack and dry out. Recently, I've been obsessed with LipSense from Shana Carter of Montana Lips and More. She helped me figure out which shade worked best with my skin tone. Needless to say, I'm in love with their liquid lipstick in Blu-Red and can't wait to wear it during our holiday parties! Nothing says pour me another round, than smudge free kissable lips. 😉

Fun Fact: Not only is Blu-red the perfect Christmas shade, it's also Christina Aguilera favorite!

The application process is a little long because you need to let the color dry for 10 seconds in between each layer (3 layers total). It's also super important to exfoliate and not wear any chapstick or lip product on your lips prior to application. The first layer will tingle a bit, but don't worry it's normal and means it's exfoliating your lips. When I felt it, I was a little freaked out and looked up the ingredients online. The product is cruelty-free, vegan and made of good stuff only, so no worries.

2. "Adam said, It's New Years Eve" Red Nail Polish From OPI

Christmas in Los Angeles is always a little weird, especially when you're surrounded by palm trees and desert winds. Typically, I stick to blush and nude polish, but this year I spiced up the color to really feel the holiday spirit. Since I'll likely wear the same color for Christmas and New Years, I chose "Adam said, It's New Years Eve" by OPI with a little added sparkle on the ring fingers.

3. Makeup Brushes

I was so excited when Mikasa sent me their 4-piece Techni Set and 12-piece Complete Kit with traveling case! I've always sticked to drug store brands like ELF and MUA for brushes, and definitely never tried techni brushes before. With Mikasa, I was instantly in love and impressed by how much more I enjoyed them over what I was using before. They really are perfect for applying smooth foundation and contouring. The double ended brow brush is essential for quick eyebrow grooming. I use the angled brush end to define, shape and fill my brows and the spiral end to blend the products together.

I brought all the brushes to Mexico inside the traveling case provided, along with their Quick Change Brush Cleaner, which actually worked wonders dry and wet.

4. Hydrate and Exfoliate Dry Winter Skin

Don't let the weather fool you! Even here in 70 degree Los Angeles, where the streets are lined with palm trees, the environment is wrecking havoc on my skin. Remember those wildfires? Toxic smoke is still circulating the air, especially in these Santa Ana winds. Edible Beauty provides everything I need to fight free radicals, exfoliate and nourish my skin.

I start each day with their Cleansing Milk and Toner Mist, both perfect for removing stubborn makeup and evening my skin tone. Next, I apply their serum and moisturizer to hydrate and protect my skin. After 15 minutes of letting the moisturizers set, I apply my Tarte Cosmetics Primer before applying makeup. as foundation. My skin is pretty dry, so that's why I use a moisturizer and hydrating primer. If your skin is more oily, I recommend using just one.

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