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6 Brands Breaking the Stigma Against Cannabis

Cannabis has many benefits beyond the well-known high. Everyday, thousands of people around the world are using CBD oils, THC tinctures and edibles to relieve chronic pain, increase appetites and reduce anxiety, but that's not all. More and more studies are showing cannabis reducing tumors and stopping seizures in their tracts. Personally, cannabis has helped me with anxiety, but it can do so much more.

It's an exciting time for cannabis, with new methods and products popping up everyday. Below, I've listed a few of my favorite brands that are breaking the stigma against cannabis in new and exciting ways.

1. Good Fortune

(Good vibes only)

Good Fortune is a sustainable brand from Oregon offering 3 types of packaged pre-rolls: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Their boho-chic boxes remind you of a Zoltar machine with deep jewel tones and gold foiling. Inside, is a fortune card and 5 pre-rolled joints, with one wrapped in 24k gold. So chic! For those living in legal states, this would make a pretty rad stocking stuffer. 🤶🏻

Why they matter: Good Fortune provides sustainable, locally sourced products wrapped in all-natural, premium paper. They're also about the power of positive thinking and give off good vibes daily on their Insta.

2. Mondo Meds

(Mother Nature's pharmacy)

Mondo Meds is an edible made from organic coconut oil, organic cacao butter, non-GMO maltodextrin, and THC from Blue Dream.

Each scoop contains about 5 mg of THC Euphoric and meant to give you "full body relaxation with a gentle cerebral invigoration". So far, I've tried it on almond ice cream, vegan pizza and potato chips (don't judge me lol). The powder is kind sweet but instantly dissolves in your mouth. For those with anxiety, I would definitely recommend this product as an alternative to anti-anxiety medications like Xanax or Prozac.

Why they matter: ​Emily O’Brien, founder of Mondo Meds developed Mondo powder as a welcome replacement for synthetic prescription anxiety medications that carry unpleasant side effects.

3. Cannabis Feminist

(The future of cannabis is female)

Cannabis Feminist a community of thousands of women and men "who believe in the power of cannabis and the power of women to transform the plant into a universal wellness product". Their founder, Jessica Assaf works with brands and organizations around the nation, creating events, content and products, and conducting research to educate the public about the benefits of cannabis and empower women to lead the industry. The future of cannabis is female.

Why they matter:

To show the power in women leading the cannabis conversation, they created Queens of the Stoned Age with Snoop Dogg and Merry Jane, a show with an all-female cast and crew. "The show is a metaphor for what is happening in the industry as women set new standards for leadership, health and happiness."

4. Henry's Original Cannabis

(The greenest green you can find)

Green Certified, Henry's Original grows sustainable cannabis for handcrafted packs of pre-rolls and cute 3.5oz tins of flower. I tried their box of smokes, which contained three personal joints of "Ritual" CBD 21.1. I've always focused on THC, so seeing the content of CBD was interesting, possibly to give more of a body high for muscle aches and anxiety. Some of the other strains they have are Skywalker OG (Indica), Chemdog (Sativa), Sour Band (Hybrid), and King Tut OG (Hybrid).

Why they matter: They're as organic as it gets. Henry's works closely with top-quality farms who have undergone rigorous third-party certification and are Clean Green certified. They also lead sustainable farming in the cannabis industry: They use natural compost to revitalize soil and help plants thrive. For pesticides, they use neem oil and sesame oil. Finally, they use solar energy to reduce energy consumption and utilize irrigation systems that make for smarter water usage.

5. Whoopi & Maya

(Your monthly gift from Mary Jane)

Created by Actor and Activist, Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, founder of Om Edibles, Whoopi & Maya deliver a wide range of medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort. Since launching in 2008, they've won seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards and a growing reputation as one of the best creators of medical cannabis products in California.

Why They Matter:

Not only are their products a women-made god-send for women everywhere, they also help break stigmas against menstruation and medicating.

5. Sunday Scaries

I love these yummy CBD gummies in the morning! I used to take prozac for my anxiety but decided to cut it out cold tofurkey 3 years ago. I definitely noticed my depression and anxiety came back, so I decided to try CBD oils. These gummies are great on the go and easy to travel with as they look like candy (shhh).

Why They Matter: They have 100% vegan CBD gummies formulated with vitamins D3 & B12. that raise awareness around the issue of

Don't think cannabis is a big deal? See these infographics from Business Insider below.

As a reminder, recreational or medical Cannabis consumption is for adults 21 years or older in places where it is legal to do so.

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