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6 Steps to Brighter Skin on a Budget

Over the years, I've learned to love my skin, but it hasn't always been easy. I grew up with dry, sensitive skin that cracked under makeup, even without wrinkles! Once I started paying attention to the products I was using, and removed all chemicals and toxins from my beauty routine, I really started to notice a change.

One of my favorite natural brands is Botanics because they're toxin free and surprisingly affordable. They create a wide range of skincare products using plant extracts and no animal bi-products or parabens. You can buy their entire line of products at Walgreens or check out below to shop the specific products I use!

I'm loving their Brightening collection of cleansers, moisturizers and serums. My skin is really sensitive so I have to be careful with the products I use. The line contains Hibiscus seed extract, which helps gently exfoliate skin, improving texture and tone, without stripping away natural oils.

Achieving brighter skin isn't just about cleansers. You also have to exfoliate and then replenish the skin. Here are my 5 steps to brighter, smoother skin.

1. Remove Makeup with Cleanse Skin

Botanics has a ton of great cleansers! I love their micellar water because it's gentle on my skin without leaving it feeling dry. The cleansing wipes are made with 100% biodegradable fibers and perfect the end of the day when I just want to remove makeup quickly.

2. Detox & Reduce Immflamuation with Jade Roller

Jade Rollers have become super trendy lately, and I'm so down for it! I prefer to do it in the shower because the warm water and steam make it a little less unpleasant. You're basically massaging your face with a rock, so it's not exactly the best feeling, especially around your cheek bones. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT! It helps detox the skin and flush out any toxins, reducing inflammation and contouring all the good spots.

3. Exfoliate with Botanics Radiance Concentrate Serum

This serum is formulated with naturally exfoliating acids from the Hibiscus plant and a blend of active botanicals to remove dullness. I also love how lightweight it is!

4. Hydrate with Botanics Day or Night Creams

All of the above products can be used day and night, but you'll want to use different formulas when hydrating your skin. For the day, I like to something thin with SPF to wear under my makeup, whereas at night, I prefer something thick and creamy for extra hydration.

What skincare brands do you use? I'm always on the hunt for organic/natural/toxin-free finds!

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