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Before & After: Simple Outdoor Decorating

My husband, Graham and I love to grill out and entertain in our backyard, so we wanted to make sure it was both inviting and useful. Below, is a before and after of our back patio, with few tips to finding inexpensive pieces that are simple to put together.

When we moved into our home a year ago, I knew our back patio had major potential, but it was a big eye sore at the time. There is so much privacy, a ton of grass, and even some orange trees, but it almost seemed like there was too much space. If we weren't renting, we'd put in a pool, but since we don't own the house, we opted for simple touches like furniture and lighting to make this outdoor space a home.



Our landlord provided us with an outdoor coffee table, love seat and two chairs but with all of the dust and wind in Los Angeles, the cushions were practically destroyed after just one year of living here. Instead of paying $100 each for new cushions, we just bought spicy red cushion covers from Home Depot. Not only do the cushions protect our bums from the dusty cushions underneath, they also add a pop of color to give my patio life. 🙌

As a housewarming gift, my mom gave me four pineapple hurricane lamps from Frontgate. I always loved the ones she had, so I was super excited to put them out on display. For an eco-safe alternative, we have LED light candles inside each, instead of real candles. With all the wildfires going on in LA lately, I find myself taking extra precautions just in case! The beautiful Turkish bowl holding the oranges is also from my mom. Thanks, Mom!)

I've had these string lights for 5 years now! Not sure where they're from, but I swear they can handle anything! I'm talking, Chicago Winters, Los Angeles Dust Storms and a 14 hour drive in between. To hide the ugly connection outlets, I hung a bird wind chime where they connected. I'm all about hiding the ugly with something beautiful!

The red and orange mosaic table and chairs are from World Market but they don't sell this exact product anymore. They do, however, sell them in blue!

These Hacienda-inspired plates and bowls were from our wedding registry and from William & Sonoma. They're made of shatterproof melamine, which is composed of 30% bamboo fiber, a renewable and sustainable resource.

The dinner table was originally my husband's kitchen table, but we transitioned it outside when we moved in together. Glass tables aren't really my thing since they can be loud and fragile. Best part is that it's positioned right next to our orange tree, which we pick fresh daily!

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