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How To Color Correct Blonde Hair

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I'm a natural blonde. Seriously! 😂 My fluorescent white eyebrows are proof. From age 13 to 22, I highlighted my hair religiously thinking it was necessary to keep the light color I loved so much. Turns out, all that damage and money was a complete waste because I can get that same look using some lemon water and the sun. 🙄 When I don't have the time to lay out for hours, I usually use John Frieda Go Blonder Spray. It has peroxide in it so I try to only use on my roots.

A week ago, I realized my roots were getting pretty long, and I needed to start brightening my hair for my wedding this fall. Instead of going to a salon to start the lightening process like a normal person, I decided to go all DIY on this bitch... because all my previous #pinterestfails weren't enough. In my 27 years on this earth, I've never attempted dying my hair before, but it seemed like a smart idea at the time. 😐

I bought Revlon's Ammonia Free Color Silk kit in a light blonde color. Directions were pretty straight forward so I was really optimistic! As soon as my work day ended, I rushed to CVS to pick up something to correct the brassiness. I was hoping to find something by John Freida but there was LITERALLY only one product left on the shelves - it's called Dessange Paris Brass Color Correcting Cream and it literally saved me! The directions said to use it once a week, but I did it every other day with deep conditioning treatments in between. My fiancé and coworkers said they couldn't notice, but I knew they were being nice... or maybe they didn't notice, but that didn't matter - I noticed!

Not sure if this will be the last time I dye my own hair, but probably not again before the wedding. If you do try it at home, make sure you're stocked with purple or blue correcting product! 🙌🏻 Before and after below.

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