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How To Create DIY Geode Wedding Invitations

Our wedding theme was Earthy Elegance with an array of geodes and crystal details sprinkled through out our tablescapes, invitations and even food. While our Save the Dates were blush and light blue with gold marbling, my mother insisted that the actual wedding invitations be clean and white. The invitations we ordered were from Minted and included an invitation, RSVP card and reception card. I fell in love with the pockets and belts I saw other brides so, so I thought i'd try my own DIY crystal belt.

Our wedding colors were blush, dusty blue and marsala, which is like a deep merlot. Since blush ribbon looked a little too girly, and the marsala too dark, we chose dusty blue velvet ribbon for the belts. Velvet ribbon is pretty pricy, so I ordered it online from a store in China on Etsy. The crystals were all from Michaels, but we had to be careful which ones we used so they wouldn't puncture the envelopes... just wait until you hear what the post office did to those that did. 

Creating the belt was definitely harder than I thought, but don't worry! I've compiled a few instructions below explaining on how to re-create these belts with tips so you don't make the same mistakes I made.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glue Gun

  • Soft Measuring Tape (Seamstress Tape)

  • Ribbon

  • Small and preferably flat crystals

  • Scissors

Step 1: 

Create a tester invitation by stacking it's parts as it would going into the envelope (RSVP card, envelope, reception card, actual invitation). Wrap the measuring tape around the stacked cards and record the length.

Step 2:

Wrap the ribbon around the stack, cutting one inch longer than tip to tip. So, if the measuring tape read 8 inches, you would cut the ribbon at 9. 

Step 3:

Wrap the ribbon around the tester stack of cards, making sure the ends overlap in the front. Place a tiny drop of glue on the top of one end, placing the other end on top, glueing them together and making a belt.

Note: It's important to only use a tiny bit of glue, so it doesn't spill out when you push them together. 

Step 4:

Wait for the glue to dry. The ribbon belt should be tight enough that the cards don't move around, but loose enough that you can pull it off and on. If it works, then use this length for the other ribbons. 

Step 5:

Cut your remaining ribbon to the same length as your successful ribbon test.

Note: Make sure to only use the successful tester ribbon as your measurement of length. I used the ribbon as I was cutting it and some ended up way too short... took me ours to make more. 

Step 6: 

When glueing each ribbon together, make sure to wrap them around your test stack of cards, so you don't glue them too tight or too loose. 

Step 7: 

Once the ribbon belts are all dried, lay them out on a protected surface and begin glueing on the crystals.

Note: Make sure to use small, flat crystals so you don't have any issues at the Post Office. You'll also need to pay extra postage for the the weight and odd shape. 

Step 8:

Once all the glue is dry, compile your invitations and place them in their crystal belts. Await compliments from friends and relatives. 

Note: Some of our invitations were sent back or completely lost in the mail. Definitely talk to your Post Office about options and make sure your envelopes are thick.

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