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How to Keep Cool when the Vacay is Hot

These are my top 5 tricks to staying fresh and flawless during summer. ☀️ 🕶 🐬 This year, I traveled to Key West, Chicago, and Washington D.C., all known for their hot and sticky summers. Next up, I'm going all out Cruise 2017 for our wedding in Virginia and honeymoon in Los Cabos, Mexico! 💃🏼

1. Begin each day by hydrating with a glass of water and two mimosas.

Start each day with a giant glass of lemon water and fruit. Next, pile on the mimosas! 🥂

2. Invest in a Chic Sunhat 🌞

Keeping the sun completely out is the easiest way to postpone the signs of aging. If it's humid, put your hair in a low braid to collect your sweat (yup), and you'll have gorgeous beachy waves by evening. Sun protection AND sexy hair. 💁🏼 I bought these two cuties from a Salvage Garden on Etsy for $30 each. I'm bringing both to my wedding and honeymoon!

3. Protect & Hydrate Your Skin

My middle name is freckle, so SPF is key to keeping my skin protected, especially on my face. When I'm getting ready for a day outside, I use BB or CC creams to keep the amount of product on my face minimal. Recently, I've been using Purlisse BB Tinted Moisturizer with 30 SPF. Surprisingly, it has great coverage and leaves a matte finish, unlike most CC and BB creams, which tend to leave my skin greasy. They're without harsh ingredients and of course, cruelty free. 🐰

4. Keep Makeup Minimal with Popped Lip Color

Before I put on the CC cream, I apply a primer and under eye cream. The Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum works well under product and undos UV damage with nine plant extracts. Next, it's brows, lashes and glow. I have blonde eyebrows and lashes so I use Wonderbrow and Revlon Waterproof Mascara to keep them dark when I get wet. I use Almay's Smart Shade Bronzer under my cheekbones and eyes for a sun-kissed glow 😂 Finally, I add a touch of orange-red lipstick, my all time fave! I'm currently obsessed with "Rich Girl Red" by Revlon, but it isn't completely cruelty free. I always combine any red lipstick with 22 by Kylie Cosmetics... it's literally perfect for my face.

5. Recover and Replenish Your Skin After a long day in the sun, I'll likely need an aloe rub and a Green Tea and Vitamin C Sheet Mask. The Purlisse mask contains grapefruit extracts that fight free radicals, lemon extract that brightens, and Vitamin C that helps smooth and firm skin. They offer 3 types of masks, and all are refreshingly cool. I especially enjoyed the Green Tea & Ginger Rejuvenating Mask. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies impurities, rejuvenates skin, and reduces dark spots, while the ginger energizes tired skin, both good for a champagne hangover. I imagine it will be useful after a day or night of drinking.

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