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Is Shaving Your Face the Secret to Youthful Skin?

Some people say men age better than women. There's science behind it and everything! Their hormone levels decrease at a slower rate than women and their skin is thicker are the two biggest claims I've heard, but what if the secret was that they shaved their face? LOL When you seriously think about it, it's not that far off. Exfoliation is key to looking young as doing so removes dry and literally, old skin. It also improves blood circulation and collagen production, so why don't women shave their face too?

Truth is, millions of women shave their face everyday, but most do it at a medical spa, or at home (no judgement). At a med spa, the treatment is called Dermaplaning and can get kind of pricy if you go every month. That's why I was so excited when my sister's spa developed the DERMAFLASH. It's the only only at-home exfoliating device that uses a subtle sonic vibration and stainless steel edge to remove dead skin cells and fine hair, just like at a medical spa. In just three simple steps, their device leaves you with dewy, radiant skin, and a perfect canvas for makeup.

Since I'm naturally blonde with Swedish/English heritage, I have dry skin and a ton of peach fuzz, but using the DERMAFLASH once a month keeps it dewy and smooth, which is so necessary when you wear foundation and primers. Before, my primer and baking powder would leave my skin cracked and splotchy, especially after a full day at work. Now, I you can barely tell I wear foundation.

My sister first introduced me to dermaplaning around 6 years ago, when they had their 1.0 version, which I still have! I was a little freaked about letting her shave my face with a razor, but doing it myself is totally fine! I loved the DERMAFLASH 1.0, but their 2.0 version is more travel friendly and comes in a variety of cute colors. I obviously chose pink. Each $189 box comes with a device, charger, and 4 exfoliating edges, which will last you 5-6 months (you can buy more edges separately as time goes on). It also comes with a PREFLASH Cleanser to "de-fat the skin and remove all traces of oil and residual products", and a POSTFLASH Moisturizer to calm the skin after exfoliating.

Women may not age the same way men do, but we can learn their tricks. Shaving your face is a simple, inexpensive and painless way to keep your skin healthy and smooth. What skincare products do you use to keep your skin healthy and young? Have you ever tried shaving your face?

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