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Light Therapy for Curing Acne and Hangovers!

Today, I'm sharing 3 ways how I use light therapy to treat acne, execrate muscle growth, and even cure a hangover. And I promise you, it works!

Chromothereapy treatments can be found at medical spas, tanning salons and even gyms because of their ability to encourage cell growth and organ productivity. Certain lights can also can help kill bacteria, like the Nutrogena Light Mask, which to me, looked a little creepy, like something from a slasher film, so I never got one. I was so excited to find the Tri-Light Optimizer Voyage from SkinInc . It combines the power of colored LED chromotherapy with low frequency stimulation for younger, brighter and pimple-free skin. It has three lights, red, blue and yellow, and an optimizer to help the light absorb into the skin.

The red light repairs damaged skin cells and increases collagen and elastin production. Their Blue Light helps clear acne and calm sensitive skin, and the glow light revives dull skin for a brighter complexion. In the middle, there's an Optimizer which boosts absorption. What's also cool, is that it helps you sculpt and contour your face by reducing inflammation and water retention.

I use the Tri-Light Optimize once a day, usually at night with their serums, which you can have custom made for your skin type on their website.

After learning light therapy could cure acne, I was curious about it’s other benefits. Turns out, it can also help with muscle pain and hangovers!

I also use my Tri-Light Optimizer with CBD oil to heal sore muscles after the gym by combining. CBD is one of the active chemicals in cannabis but is not psychoactive like THC it’s been proven to reduce inflammation and increase cell re-growth, both perfect for speeding up muscle recovery so you can get back into the gym. So what I do, Is massage a little CBD oil, I like Papa & Barkley, it's primarily CBD with a little THC. And then I massage it in with the Tri-Light on red. It also helps when you light a bowl immediately after. 😌

I bet you didn’t know you could use light therapy to cure a hangover!? 🍾 This past Christmas break, I went out with my girlfriends and was super hungover the next day. I'm talking white russians, white wine and vodka soda kind of hungover - think functioning nausea with the occasional puke. Of course, I was staying with my parents and had a 5 hour flight back to LA that night. I literally walked in without my eyebrows on. My dad, who clearly saw me struggling, is actually be a physicist and specializes in infrared technology. So he walks in with this black mat, that looks like a heating pad but it lights up red when you plug it in. He told me to put it directly on my stomach where my liver is for 20 minutes and then do the same thing on top of my face. 30 minutes later, I felt so much better. By the time I got to airport, it was like it never happened.

Have you ever used light therapy for acne or anti-aging? I’d love to hear all the cruelty free and vegan tricks you have! Drop them in the comments below!

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