• Ally Holt

Mermaid Inspired Lizard King Makeup

This year, I decided I would pay tribute to legend, Jim Morison, who I also share a birthday with! For my Lizard King costume, I wore a white quartz crown from Etsy, ripped high waisted shorts, tights, combat boots and a Doors T-shirt. Inspired by the mermaid makeup trend using fishnet stockings, I used gold and opal glitter along with serious contour on my face and neck.

The shirt is from Amazon, and cut day-of to create the v-neck. The crown is from Etsy and face jewels are from Michaels and applied with prosthetic glue from the Halloween Store. To create the fading between colors on the scales, I made sure to follow an ombre effect with dark green, hazel green, and gold. Using gel and liquid products helped even out application. 

I began the night wearing dark purple matte lipstick from NYX but left it at home when we were out. To compromise the smudges and loss of coverage, I added gold glitter. Not the best idea. During the party, my lips actually peeled off, matching my lizard costume perfectly!

Learning: Purple lipstick is amazing, but I need to find a liner and color that lasts.

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