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Skincare So Clean, You Can Eat!

As many of you know, I've recently switched to a vegan diet, something very close to my heart. Vegetarian since 2008, I've always found it easy sticking to a plant-based diet. Now that there are more alternatives and menus accommodating vegans, it's easier than ever! The main thing for me to remember today, is that vegan goes beyond what you eat.

For many people, the products you use on your face and body should follow the same guidelines as those you consume. Over the years, I've found a few cruelty free brands, but it's hard to find products derived of 100% natural ingredients. It's even harder finding ones that are as affective as the brands I've come to depend on. While I still haven't found a long-lasting organic matte lipstick, I have found a brand that's not only organic, vegan and non-gmo, it's so pure, you can actually eat it!

Gaffer & Child is an LA-based farm-fresh organic skincare and haircare line that features ethically-sourced products, all made of natural ingredients. To support the local economy and ensure all of their products are of the highest quality, they develop personal relationships with the farmers who grow their ingredients. Literally, so sweet. Sustainability and all, it's also just a really great product that makes my skin feel flawless and fresh.

I start each morning with the facial cleanser, just to freshen my face for a new day of makeup. What really got me hooked was the hydrating serum - truly amazing! I use it under my primer after cleansing and I swear, it leaves my face so silky smooth, it's ridiculous. You can also put it in your hair as a mask. The facial scrub is great too. My lips have always been a little dry, but this exfoliates them perfectly for the day. For matte lipstick, I use the scrub then the hydrating serum for soft lips that don't flake.

Why I #GiveADamn About Gaffer&Child

They've made it their mission to use only food grade ingredients in their products, replacing synthetic ingredients like plastic exfoliating beads with broccoli beads and preservatives with lavender. Broccoli beads? So cool, I'm obsessed!

They joined with PETA in an official business partnership, as part of their commitment to stay vegan (love!), and lead as an organization of compassion.

Their badass slogan is “Give A Damn” because they #giveadamn about our skin and the products we use, our community, our environment and hope you’ll #giveadamn too.

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