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The 5 Organic Hair Care Brands I'm Obsessed With This Summer

For years, I was conditioned to think that sulfates, parabens and silicones were just part of the bargain if you want great hair... especially bouncy blonde hair. 💁🏼‍♀️ The good news is, that's not true! Now that consumers are increasingly becoming ingredient-conscious, hair-care brands have been stepping up their game, introducing organic and natural products in more acessable places like CVS. Now, it’s super easy to avoid harmful chemicals and support cruelty-free, sustainability-promoting brands.

I switched to natural haircare products a few years ago because it’s better for my body and the earth, but it wasn’t until recently that I found a routine that really works. The best part anoint organic products is that they tend to have ingredients that naturaly flight off free-radicals and UV rays from the sun. Below, I'm sharing the 5 organic haircare brands I’m obsessed with this summer and a few tips on how I use them to keep cool when the temp is 🔥💥☄️

1. Organic Hair Care Inc.

It’s no secret that I use products to lighten my hair. ☺️ Right now, I'm trying to go to the salon as little as possible, so I’m really into just “lifting my base” to brighten my roots. In between visits, I NEED a purple treatment to reduce brassiness. Before, I would use a purple conditioner from L’Oréal, but I’m so thankful to find my new favorite from Organic Hair Care! Obviously from the name, it’s organic and has zero harsh chemicals, but their Silver Strands Shampoo is to die for. It mellows down brassiness and neutralizes yellow tone, leaving shimmering silver highlights. I use it once a week, along with their Quench Conditioner.

I especially love their Amazon Blow Out Spray. It's a dry oil leave in spray that gives my hair so much volume, it's truly incredible. Sometimes I sleep with my hair wet, which used to result in silky flat hair in the morning. When I spray their dry oil at night, I wake up with thick bouncy hair that has a ton of volume after styling. It's also travel size, so yeah, I'm obsessed.

2. Prose

Prose is organic with natural ingredients, so it's free from parabens, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates and GMOs. All of their products are made in the U.S., and a few are also certified vegan. Coolest part is you take a quiz about your hair and they'll formulate a custom haircare regimen from their 76 natural active ingredients. For me, I need help with dry hair and breakage, but also need something light since my hair is semi-thin. It’s great finding a personalized shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that are crafted and delivered to my door. Price range runs around $25.

3. Gaffer & Child

One of my favorite vegan and local beauty brands, Gaffer & Child is organic, cruelty-free, fair trade and handmade in the U.S. Even though their Hydrating Serum is technically for your face, you can also put it in your hair. I like to add it to my ends at night for added hydration. It also smells amazing with a very soothing scent for bedtime.

4. Rahua

Dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest, Rahua is an eco-ethical and cruelty-free brand with organic and vegan products that are free of sulfates, parabens and even gluten (LOL). Their products were developed by Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian who makes sure each product is uniquely sourced and processed by people in accordance with traditional Quechua methods and rituals in Ecuador. What makes this brand even cooler is its amazing molecular structure that “deeply penetrates the hair’s cortex—bonding and repairing it—while simultaneously smoothing the hair’s cuticle.” #Woah

Their conditioner is enriched with natural oils, aloe, and quinoa (so trendy), leaving my hair feeling silky smooth. It also strengthens weak hair, and gives your scalp protection from the sun. I love it for hot days in the summer when I'm exposing my hair to chlorine and hot temperatures. It's basically like sun burn aloe for your hair.

5. John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray With Lavender

If you don't have time to create beachy waves with a curling iron, I recommend trying this Organic Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray by John Masters. It contains actual sea salt, which gives your hair a beachy texture that makes it look as if you've been shoreside chillin' all weekend long — except instead of smelling like fish, your hair will smell like lavender.

I use it on days I'm going to the beach all day but doing a nice dinner after. First, I spray it on damp hair and then put it up into two braids or buns. Since your hair is up, it won't get messy in the wind. Worried about sweat? It actually helps it even more! When I'm ready to take it down for a night out, I just take out the hair ties and tussle with my fingers. Bam, beautiful beach waves that smell amazeballs!

Are there any organic hair products you love? Drop a comment below - I'm always looking for suggestions!

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