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Thoughtful Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love

With an "earthy elegance" theme, I wanted to make sure our wedding included all-natural and sustainable components. Along with being held at a LEED certified venue, my flowers and all of the food served were both local and organic. Bridesmaid gifts were no exception. For the big day, I wanted to show them how much I appreciated them being by my side with a gift bag containing products that are good for the Earth and the soul. Below, are a few of them, kicking off with one of my favorite sustainable brands, Gaffer & Child.

1. Vegan Face & Hair Serums

To share my passion for sustainability, I introduced them to one of my favorite all-natural LA brands, Gaffer & ChildHand-wrapped in the cutest green and white boxes, we gave each girl one of their amazing facial serums. Literally, I use it everyday. If you've never heard of Gaffer & Child or are interested in cleaning up your beauty routine, I definitely recommend checking them out. Their skincare and haircare line are farm-fresh organic and feature ethically-sourced products, all made of natural ingredients and leave your skin looking flawless. They also have a badass slogan, “Give A Damn” because they “#giveadamn about our skin and the products we use, our community, our environment and hope you’ll #giveadamn too”. #LoveIt.

2. Color-Coordinated Peacock Silk Robes

All of my bridesmaids, Jr. bridesmaids and flower girls received a silk peacock kimono to wear while getting ready before the wedding. I couldn't decide on one color, so I gave each girl one that matched their personality. You can find robes like this pretty much anywhere online, but I think the best are from Etsy

3. Cruelty-Free Hydrating Face Masks

Purlisse is one of my favorite beauty brands because their products are cruelty free and always leave my skin feeling fresh and dewy. I gave each of my bridesmaids 3 sheet masks: Blue Lotus + Seaweed, Green Tea + Ginger, and Green Tea and Vitamin C. 

4. Custom Bridesmaid Hair Ties

I love shopping from Etsy because it supports local artists and small businesses, reducing green-house gases from transportation and manufacturing. These bridal hair ties are so cute! I even had one made for myself that said "Bride". They're completely customizable and you can have them delivered inside a cute gift box. For my girls, I put them in a small silk bag with Pepto, Advil and lipstick as a cute emergency kit.

5. Personalized Gold & Black Totes

I put all of the goodies above in these personalized black and gold totes, which had each girls' name on it. I love how the cursive is obscure enough that if a stranger walked by, they wouldn't know your name from looking at it... things you think about living in a city LOL.

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