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What to Wear & Do When Traveling to Tulum

Visiting Tulum is a dream come true, so of course Graham and I were ecstatic to attend our friends' wedding there for a weekend in December. Added bonus, my birthday was the day before the ceremony. Tulum is nestled within a beachside jungle containing the softest white sand and nights so dark, you can see shooting stars. 2 hours from Cancun, it's basically a pocket of adorable eco-hotels, rental homes, yoga spas, restaurants and shops, all cascading the beautiful Mexico coastline.

Legendary from it's Mayan roots and yogi reputation, Tulum is both magical and mysterious. Every conversation I had revealed a smaller world and every where we looked, we saw a new omen, both numerical and symbolic. They were telling us that Tulum is more than a historical landmark and thriving culture (though both amazing). It's magic. 

Tulum Shopping List

If you're ever in Tulum, I definitely recommend experiencing some of the activities below. For each, I've shared what I wore, with some tips along the way. 

2. Visit the Mayan Ruins Walking through the Ruins of Tulum was definitely a cross off my bucket list, but unfortunately, we didn't visit them all! Apparently, there's a ton of historical landmarks all up and down the coast, including the main pyramid we didn't see. The ruins were previously a Mayan seaport for trading turquoise and jade, matching the sea perfectly. 

When visiting, I definitely recommend bringing a towel and swimsuit to enjoy the beach down below. The terrain is slightly rocky and can be muddy, so I wore Aldo sneakers with sandals in my backpack. I also carried water, sunscreen, lipstick and my sunhat, a necessity when traveling outdoors. It was so hot, I craved fresh coconut water from the souvenir market. We ended up having 3!

3. Stay at Pablo Escabar's House, Casa Malca

For the weekend, we stayed at Casa Malca, originally built by Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian drug lord during the 1980s. Since his death in the 90's, the property has undergone a remarkable makeover to include some of the world's most precious artwork. Each room includes vintage velvet furniture and unique pieces collected by current owner New York gallerist, Lio Malca

When we arrived to Tulum, it was hot and humid, but cooled down as the weekend went on. For our friends' wedding, I packed a black maxi skirt from Love Culture, but only brought a thin shaw to keep warm. As soon as the sun went down after the ceremony, the chill set in. I was very happy to accept my husband's jacket, which ended up looking absolutely chic with my dress and slick side pony. The look was Pablo Escobar meets Sex in the City - F yeah! 

I've been to a few weddings since my own, and I've worn my wedding sandals from Badgley Mischka to each. I think of it as a good luck charm, and they're a pain-free yet classy alternative to heels. 

4. Have a Wedding

For our nights out, I stuck to red and black as my primary colors, as seen in my floral print dress below. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of it at the Rehearsal dinner, but you can buy the dress here. How beautiful are these details from their wedding? 

Pablo Escabar Wedding Vibes

5. Chill Beachside

The sand is fine and white and looks like powdered sugar, and no matter what, it never gets hot enough to burn your feet! Our first day there, it was so hot! I wore a blush silk mini dress with golf DiffxKoko aviators for our Pina Colada lunch by the sea.

1. Snorkel with Alligators

On my 28th birthday, I snorkeled with allygators, dipped my toes in a bioluminated sea, and drank tequila under the brightest stars I'd ever seen. For the day, I wore a metallic maxi skirt and blush hat from Lulus, and black swimsuit from Victoria's Secret. You might think this outfit is odd for snorkeling, but the skirt was breezy and easy to change into after our swim!

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